Pioneer Potluck: About birthday parties and starting traditions

  • By Grannie Annie
  • Tuesday, August 12, 2014 5:24pm
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We had a wonderful time this weekend celebrating two birthdays. Great granddaughter Cecile lives in Washington and is visiting here, and her cousin Natalie, who lives in Anchorage is visiting here also and because we miss celebrating their birthdays in July and in February we have a birthday party for them in August. This is going to be a tradition from now on. It was so much fun. It started with Lily, our little friend from Seward whose birthday is in August about 5 years ago. She was not able to attend this year.

Bob did the honors of decoration his cave-shop. He amazes me with his creativity! One roll of crepe paper and a package of balloons transformed his cave into a birthday party house. The youngest to attend the celebration was my great grandson, 3 months 1 day, Bralyn, his Mom Jewel and his Grandma Gail.

Neighbors, Cathy, Dan and Chase and neighbors across the lake Ginny and Kevin also attended. Grandma Susan with camera clicking and Grandpa Porter and Great Grandpa Bob, both who love to sing, sang at the top of their lungs to smiling, grinning little girls. Grandpa Bob finished off the singing with a song he sings to everyone about how special they are.

The girls blew out the candles and opened presents. So much fun we will do it again next year. Maybe Lily can attend next year!!

A note of interest: It has rained and rained all week. The afternoon of the brithday party, the sun came out, we built a bon fire and everyone sat around in the sun a watching the men play wiffle golf.

Birthdays were special when I was growing up also. My Dad took charge at the birthday table singing and joking, after Mom had worked for hours and days to make the celebration just right. First of all it was always fried chicken time, so catching, preparing the chicken the day before and making the cake which for me was a angel food cake made from 13 egg whites beaten to high peaks, gently poured into the tube pan. Then with a warning from Mom, “DO not to come in the kitchen, OR slam doors because the cake would fall.” We all waited quietly until the cake came out to see the finally results.

Mom would careful take it out of the oven, turn it upside down on a cup for it to cool, and us kids could resume the running outdoors and slamming doors. (Of which we always got scolded for!)

The frosting for mine was chocolate. Dad loved Angel food cake too, but he like the Seven Minute Frosting that mom made by stirring hot syrup into egg whites and beaten until it stood in “peaks.” And Dads birthday was in February so we also had home made ice cream to go with his special cake.

Fast forward to this day and age! I have always baked birthday cakes. BUT I found a beautiful ,round, one layer, chocolate cake, decorated, at the local grocery store for a little over $5.00 and my fragile mind and the older part of me said, make it easy on yourself, so I bought it! I was delicious! I can see my Mother shaking her finger at me!! Makes me smile!

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