Life in the Pedestrian Lane: Perspective on an Alaskan winter

The inches accumulated a little at a time are easily removed.

  • Saturday, March 16, 2019 11:58pm
  • Life
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Grannie Annie’s sister, Ginger, can be seen holding her teddybear in this photo taken in June, 1945. (Photo courtesy Ann Berg)
Pioneer Potluck: When Dad left Ginger at the church

Chicken lasagna, rice, Hungarian mushroom soup, cornmeal biscuits

<em>Will Morrow lives in Kenai. Email him at</em>
Rolling through changes

I think my kids are going to come home to find it’s their parents who have changed.

Ann Berg
Pioneer Potluck: Memories from the past

Sunshine cake, frank fritters, California pork chops and beans, Russian dressing, eggless mayonnaise

Minister’s Message: There is joy in serving others

As Disciples of Christ we are called to serve God and others.

Ann “Grannie Annie” Berg
Remembering the airplanes of World War II

Recipes this week: Peanut butter bread, tomato sauce pot roast, carrot pie

Life in the Pedestrian Lane: Travel Time

We visited family and friends, drove back roads, ate out and took advantage of being on vacation.

Pioneer Potluck: How could this happen? It was not even Friday the 13th1

“Grannie” Annie shares a tale of bad luck and recipes for good food.

Pictured is Henry W. Rozell, one of the principal founders of the Kings County Mining Company. Rozell, shown here eight years after the expedition to the Kenai Peninsula, was the group’s treasurer. (Photo from
History Lesson: An unusual and difficult journey to the Kenai

New history column kicks off with the story of Kings County Mining Company’s expedition to peninsula.

Minister’s Message: Seeking wisdom in memories

I felt I was led as a child through a dark forest at night while holding tight to my father’s hand.

Mary Latham stands by her borrowed blue Subaru Outback on Sept. 16, 2019, in Homer, Alaska. Latham has been touring the United States collecting stories of human kindness to put in a book for people to read in hospital waiting rooms. Alaska is the 48th state Latham has visited since starting her trip in September 2016. (Photo by Michael Armstrong/Homer News)
Out of loss, New York writer seeks to find ‘more good’

Her journey started with an act of kindness in the midst of horrible tragedy.