Water belongs to all Alaskans

Alaska’s Constitution states that Alaska’s resources should be used for the people of Alaska. “Of the people, by the people and for the people,” takes on new meaning as our State decides whether to replace renewable resources like salmon and water with non-renewable resource like coal. Until April 9, the Alaska Department of Natural Resources is taking public comments in a precedent-setting decision. Should DNR allow local Alaskans to reserve water in Middle Creek, a Chuitna River tributary near Tyonek on the west side of Cook Inlet? Or, should DNR give 100 percent of the water to PacRim, an Outside coal company funded by Texas billionaires, to drain the area and dig a 300 foot deep open pit strip mine to send coal to China? This short-sighted project would risk potable water for area residents and devastate a rich fishery. Contact DNR (kimberly.sager@alaska.gov, 907-269-8904) and Governor Walker (governor@alaska.gov, 907-465-3500) so your opinion can be heard.

There is no guarantee what condition PacRim will leave the area. The record of the industry has not been good in this State or throughout the country. Let’s utilize renewable energy instead of destructive projects that destroy water, air and the beauty of our State.

Alaska’s clean water cannot be taken for granted. California’s Governor just signed $1 billion emergency legislation for drought relief. Soon, we might send water down a pipeline to sell to Californians for more than $50 per barrel.

This is our water. Keep the area available for long-term resource use for all Alaskans.