Gas pipeline to Cook Inlet benefits Alaskans

I would like to suggest that we build a pipeline which helps the residents of Alaska. As a person whose company built a chemical plant in Kenai and operated it for many years before running out of gas, and employing as many as 300 workers, it seems logical that when the majority of the population in the state is located in a surrounding of 75 miles where we have the facilities to sell liquified gas to China or the countries who we already had sold trillions of gallons of liquified gas to. We also have the capability to build plants and have the people to operate them to make a number of other products. Having worked at this plant in 1972 on a turnaround and beginning with the company in 1955 in California, I would love to see it up and running again. A pipeline to Valdez would only give a very few jobs as Valdez is a very undesirable place to live and work, Been there.