Voter pamphlet no place for attack ad

We received our Official Alaska Voter Pamphlet in Oct. 8’s mail and quickly looked through only to discover… No Bill Walker photo/statement! No District O, Peter Micciche photo/statement!  

And if that wasn’t bad enough, at the back of the booklet, where the Alaska Democrat, Alaska Libertarian and Alaska Republican Party statements are, we also found a negative political ad paid for by the Alaska Republican Party! In all of our decades of being Alaska voters, we do not remember ever seeing such a shameful inclusion in a document paid for by the State of Alaska Division of Elections. Why? Is this a new policy? We thought this publication was intended to inform voters of the candidates, inform on the ballot measures, judicial appointees and to encourage voters to be informed and get out and vote. Are we missing something here?

Yes, we did get a supplement with Bill Walker in it — still no Peter Micciche — but that supplement cost the state extra for someone’s apparent oversight. As for the inclusion of the  political ad, we’ve talked this over with people of all political persuasions and they all agree: it is inappropriate and an idea whose time should never come!