Democracy works best when all are represented

The political ad featuring a “bully” making derogatory remarks about our Alaskan U.S. Senator riding a snowmobile doesn’t impress. The ad does reveal the “bully” hasn’t any more of a clue about the issues Alaska faces than the candidate who approved that ridiculous, insulting ad.

Make no mistake, ladies and gentlemen of Alaska, the whole of the U.S. Congress wrote, debated and voted on the Affordable Care Act. Now it is the job of Congress to review and simply fix any part of the law they passed that isn’t working. It is Congress’ responsibility to make it right for the people they represent.

Bella Hammond, our former First Lady, has it right. Alaska needs a senator who will work across party lines to get the job done. The same goes when choosing a governor. It would be unwise to place the future of our great state in the hands of just one political party to “rule” only as they wish. Democracy works best when all people are represented.