Thanks for colorful fun in Kenai

A big shout out to Alex Moseley and Élan Carroll from Homer! The first ones to finish the Live United Fun Run with Color for 2015. Awesome job! 19 minutess, 10 seconds to finish. They came in full of color.

Special thanks to those volunteers Linda Swarner, Lance Briggs, Barbara Waters, Janice Nightmealy, Ashley Blatchford, Amy Fenske, Brian Gabriel, pat Morrison Jan Bobeck and the Civil Air Patrol boys. Without you this would not have happened!

A big thank you to Linda Swarner from the Food Bank as well as those volunteers from that agency. Jan Bobeck and the cadets from the Civil Air Patrol. Debra from the Kenai Care Center and her volunteers, Kenai Senior Center volunteers, Ginny Espenshade (who drove all the way from Homer) and the Kenai Peninsula Youth Court kids, Michelle and her volunteers from The Sterling Senior Center, Brian Gabriel, Jamie, Silas, Brookie and Luke Larsen and George the dog for helping with the parade.

And an extra special thanks to Tom Janz without out whom I’d be completely lost!