Taxpayer money could be better spent

My 92-year-old brother does not have a Senior Center in Iowa. Very few people do. We can waste tax money on a park that about .001 percent of the people use, but not on our senior home? Question: Did the residents all get an increase in their income, Madam Mayor? I am not able to get around any more, but can go to the center and have a meal at a reasonable price, see people that I cannot not see any other place visit a place that has the best manager available who shovels snow, helps all the residents with their vehicles and does a fantastic job all over the center. Fire him and who will do these chores around the center? I think the city council which I voted for has became money hungry for projects that I never see used by children.

There are so many political projects that could be shelved until more and more usable projects be completed.