Legislators not fulfilling duty to people of Alaska

In an op-ed of March 19, 2015, Speaker Mike Chenault said “Legislature can break the budget deadlock if Democrats are willing to compromise.” As one of the people of this state, I say, Alaska Democrats’ determination causes Republicans to prolong the budget impasse. In their efforts to utilize the people’s resources for the benefit of the people, Democrats have been determined to set the record straight. The majority has gone rogue, refusing to attend to the business of the people in Juneau where they have been called in due process by the Governor. They are in violation of protocols and possibly violation of law.

Speaker Chenault said “it was against the law, but that doesn’t matter” at the Joint Chamber meeting in Kenai in May. That seems to be what the new process is these days. All legislators are equal, but some legislators are more equal than others (Animal Farm), the Republicans are not bound by the law. They are treating the assets of Alaska as their personal cache. This is evidenced by comments such as Representative Olson’s at the League of Women Voters forum last fall (I don’t believe everybody should have quality health care) and behavior now.

Speaker Chenault calls Democratic concerns of education, health care, and responsible infrastructure pet projects.

Pet projects, garbage! I was the first speech pathologist to intern with the Washington State Head Start program and saw families come up by their boot straps in the short time I was there as an intern. When they had a strap to hold, they grabbed on to it and developed a new life for themselves and their children. Our educational process has been a part of our progress since the 17th century. Education is one of the purposes of government.

The well being of our citizens has also been one of the purposes of government. Health care in the form of Medicare and Medicaid saves money in addition to providing a quality of life for our most vulnerable populace. Sarah Palin was right, there are death panels. They are doing very well in the majority Republican Legislature of the State of Alaska.

Is the Alaska Safe Children’s Act (HB 44) a pet project any more than subsidizing a corporation that cleared over $9 billion last year in the State of Alaska? Talk about a pet project! Ask yourself why we have a fiscal crisis. There was plenty of money before the 2014 session.

During this session in 2015 there was plenty of money available for the best comfort and convenience of our legislators when they purchased $200 waste baskets and God knows what else.

What about the basic needs of the people of Alaska?