Sterling Triathlon a big success

The 2014 Sterling Triathlon on August 9 was a huge success! Ten teams participated in the event, which involved the first team member running 1.7 miles, both teammates canoeing .5 miles together, and then the second team member biking 5.6 miles. The winners in the two categories were:

Ages 17-49 — 1. Disastronauts (Mike Crawford, Tony Eskelin), 34:33; 2. Double Trouble (Ryan Brumley, Josh Merkes) 39:58; 3. Peninsula Beach Boys (Colton Musgrove, Jeff Williams) 40:42. Age 50 and over — 1. The Grainge Sisters (Mary Bodnar, Marcia King) 49:51; 2. Granny’s Rock (Carrie Foster, Sharri Whitford) 60:15.

Special Thanks goes to Jen Waller for organizing the event and to Stan and Nikki Welles for coordinating the Chili Feed set-up and clean-up. Thank you also to those who provided the food, and to Roy Baldwin of The Willow Picker for the creative walking stick awards. Thank you!