Stream Watch going strong after 20 years

On behalf of Kenai Peninsula Rivers and the wildlife that thrive because of their health, I would like to express the sincerest gratitude to each and every volunteer who has donated their time to make a difference this summer and each summer over the last 20 years with the Stream Watch Volunteer program. Over the course of two decades Stream Watch volunteers have come from near and far (Anchorage to Anchor Point), spending 15,000-plus hours to remove 10,000-plus pounds of litter, 530-plus pounds of fishing line and 4 fish passage barriers while sharing river protection information with 43,000-plus people so that they could make informed decisions while on or near the water. Every day people doing extraordinary things. Many thanks to each Stream Watch Volunteer who has spent a part of their summer on the Kenai, Kasilof and Russian Rivers, truly making a difference.