Safe route to school imperative for Skyview Middle students

It’s with some trepidation that we enter this new school year. The stakes seem much higher now that we will house our 7th and 8th graders in a school without a kid-friendly means of access for bikers and walkers. This subject is old hat so I figure the good folks that keep our bustling community running smoothly might have had a game plan in mind when they switched the local Jr. High for the Skyview location. Unlike the high schoolers who were home based from the surrounding communities, the Jr. High includes our Soldotna town students. Pick any scenario why a student might decide to walk home or to school. Ski Hill Loop is an option but so is a can of bear spray of which you won’t want to leave home without. I do not care to see our young students navigating the 18 inches of space between the guardrails and the fog line of the Sterling Highway on their way to town or school. Building a bike path or raised walkway from Soldotna to Skyview would be a big chore that would take a long time and the cost gargantuan. But here we are the situation being what it is now. If there ever was a game plan then let’s proceed with some haste. If no game plan or alternate plan was ever made then the status quo was accepted as protocol when the decision was made to relocate these younger students with all their ties to town – to a school with no safe means for the bike and foot traffic bound to ensue. I think someone bet against some tall odds that things will just be alright.