Trust fellow Alaskans on Prop 1

For those stealing the Vote Yes on Prop 1 signs as well as the signs of candidates who support the repeal of SB 21, not only is it unpatriotic, it is also anti-democratic. It will not deter us; it will only make us more determined to repeal the giveaway and vote for candidates who support the Yes vote on Prop 1. Has anyone counted the number of vote no signs around the area? You can hardly go a few feet on any major road without running into one; in some cases, quite literally run into one. I suspect many of these signs are illegally placed since some are sitting nearly on the highways and sidewalks around town. And here’s the other thing; millions upon millions of dollars are at the disposal of the vote no people since the three major backers of the effort just happen to be ConocoPhillips, Exxon and BP. Big shock since the Big Three have billions to gain. As for the Vote Yes campaign, it is being sponsored by thousands of small donations from ordinary people around the state. So, who do you trust on this issue? The corporations with millions to spend and billions to gain? Or do you trust your fellow Alaskans who are determined not to giveaway our oil resources for so little in return? I think the choice is clear — Vote Yes on Prop 1!