Pregnancy Care Center appreciates help

The ABC Pregnancy Care Center (ABC PCC) donors, volunteers, board and staff are tremendously grateful to ConocoPhillips and its employees for their recent help. ConocoPhillips selected the ABC PCC for one of their 2014 United Way projects. Their timing could not have been better. The ABC PCC recently purchased and had begun the renovation of the building next to Dan’s TV in Kenai. Many volunteers from ConocoPhillips donated their skilled labor, time, expertise and upbeat and encouraging attitudes to help with the interior demolition of the front portion of the building.

Furthermore, through the ConocoPhillips employee volunteer matching grant program ConocoPhillips is making a generous donation to the expansion project. Thanks to donors and volunteers, like ConocoPhillips, the ABC PCC has provided life-affirming pregnancy and pregnancy related services in this community for 31 years. Ultrasounds, pregnancy tests, parenting and life skill classes, and material resources are available to those in need — all at no cost to clients due to the generosity of donors, most of whom are local.

ConocoPhillips and its wonderful employees embodied the United Way mission through this project – “mobilizing the caring power of communities … to advance the common good.” In essence, ConocoPhillips set a prime example of neighbors helping neighbors. Thank you!