Navarre a proven candidate

I have known Mayor Mike Navarre for a long time. He is an honorable man who is activity and a good role model in our community. He will tell you where he is at on an issue but more importantly will listen to your position. He has done an ethical and good job as mayor.

In contrast, his opponent Tom Bearup has a number of ethical and questionable dealings in his life. He was fired from the Housing and Urban Development over ethical issues. He stopped making payments on his HUD mortgage for 25 months even while he was making 40,000 dollars a year at HUD for part of that time. He had on his web page a request for donations from his church members to pay for his move to Alaska and gave a bank account to use for that purpose. He filed for bankruptcy while living in Arizona which he called home for most of his life. He was the executive assistant to Maricopa County, Arizona, Sheriff Joe Arpaio who has had a number of ethical lapses and legal difficulties. He was accused of using that position to gain personal favors according to the Phoenix New Times.

The contrast is clear. Do we want a mayor with a history of ethical behavior or one that does not seem to know where the ethical line even starts? I am voting for a proven candidate in Mayor Mike Navarre.