PFD cut a tax on children

Governor Walker is trying to take candy from babies. He has decided to tax (and it is a tax) every child 52 percent of what is likely their only income, their permanent fund dividend. He didn’t cut the state budget, salaries or staff by 52 percent. He’s not taxing working adults or oil companies 52 percent. Consequently, those workers who live out of state will pay zero state taxes, Alaska citizens who earn $100,000 will pay only 1 percent while our children will pay 52 percent.

You can have my PFD but children should always be held harmless. My four children sacrificed and saved 100 percent of every PFD for their educations, no Xboxes, iPhones or even candy. Now, Governor Walker and his corporate la (see are taking our children’s education savings to preserve state and corporate coffers while cutting school budgets and colleges. How shortsighted. Those legislators who support this cut by not acting, those corporations who protect their bottom lines at our children’s expense and this governor must realize their brand of morality, one that contemplates taxing dependent children, will not be tolerated in Alaska.

Please don’t support with your dollars or votes, those who will tax our children.