Answers needed on state finances

Gov. Walker has said that “if we don’t make a change on the dividend program … it goes away in four years.” There’s $54 billion in the permanent fund principle, so it would take 13 years at $4 billion per year to clean it out. Has the legislature agreed to take $13 billion per year without telling us, or allowing us to be involved?

I would like answers to this issue. And while I’m at it, thanks for finally closing down the Suisitna dam fiasco and the bridge project, but why weren’t these project stopped first, before cutting our dividends?

First thing closed down was the bars on the ferries, which hardly makes a dent in the deficit, and deters possible income from tourists.

Only the Alaska government could lose money on bars on ferries.

I voted for Mr. Walker, but right now everything is looking pretty shady. I would like some answers please. Oh, and since our dividends are being cut, is that money paying the $26,000 per day for yet another special session?