Lilac Lane resident grateful for support

I would like to thank my hometown for the outpouring of concern and kindness for my friends and neighbors of Lilac Lane. I’ve been here since 1970 when there was only three of us and the Weilers on Cook Inlet Drive. They shared their strawberry plants with me. Now I show the kids the wild patch that got away from me. Grateful to see that spirit is still alive.

I’m sorry for pets and homes lost. But I didn’t lose any friends. Hugs to the National Guard for making room for us. Walmart, Salvation Army, and the local churches for our personal comforts and clothing. Charlotte’s Catering for the wonderful home cooked meal. Thank you to all of the nameless people who also donated items and their time. God bless you all. Thank you Kenai.

P.S. Let me organize the next block party.