Changes to PFD should be delayed until after election

Alaska voters voted 84 percent against changing PFD last time. I don’t believe the polls on the Permanent Fund Dividends are true.

I think the majority of the Alaskan voters want to keep their full Permanent Fund Dividend.

The people of Alaska and the House and Senate will be the losers if Govenor Walker gets his way on the Permanent Fund Dividends.

The dividends will be issued in October. The Alaskan voters will vote the next month, for the House and Senate members. There is a good chance that the House and Senate will lose their majority, if Walker’s plan passes.

I think if the dividend is cut in half, the majority of Alaskan voters will still be angry a month later, when they vote for the House and Senate members. I believe it would be political suicide for them to vote for Walker’s plan.

In my opinion the best thing to do is postpone Walker’s plan until next year. Then let the Alaskan voters vote on Walker’s plan this summer.