Letter: Veterans Day program appreciated

Veterans Day program appreciated

Thursday is a very important day for me. I have met for lunch and camaraderie with old friends, women who homesteaded in the late 1940s and early 1950s here on the Kenai.

We have remained friends through all these years, Thursday lunch is important.

This Thursday we met at the Kenai Senior Center, surprised to find Kathy and Carol had planned a nice program to celebrate Veteran Day.

First was the Celebration of Colors by dedicated loyal veterans. Very nice! When I entered the dining area I noticed one side of the room was lined with young people all in blue T-shirts. Something wonderful was about to happen!

Soon the children, how many I don’t know, three rows arranged quickly at the front of the room began to sing our National Anthem. These children, eyes on their music director using animated encouragement sang their hearts away! Watching them you knew they loved to sing and share with us. Next came America the Beautiful, not just the first verse but also the second which speaks of our veterans. They all remembered and sang every word. Last was our beautiful Alaska Flag Song. A difficult one to sing but doing a beautiful job.

The student council, part of the choir, then quickly moved ahead as the students left the stage to serve all our meals. It was just a few minutes before all were enjoying the lunch. This happening while Carol was recognizing all the veterans in the room. The children worked so quick and quiet in their serving they did not disturb anything happening in the room.

And then, these beautiful children continued to move throughout our tables, filling water glasses and coffee needs, removing finished plates and bringing dessert. When all finished if you can believe this, they mingled among our tables and visited with us. What a delight!

During the hour I watched the staff in attendance which I later learned to be the music instructor, Mr. Dillon and Mr. McKibben, advisor of this group of children, quietly moving throughout helping when necessary.

Thank you to Kathy and Carol at the Senior Center for arranging this delightful program and most of all thanks to the children and staff of Mountain View Elementary for taking the time to come and provide such a wonderful interlude for us. You have no idea how much we all enjoyed this day!

Peggy Arness