Letter: Must-see viewing on sexual harassment

Must-see viewing on sexual harassment

With all the charges of sexual assault and sexual harassment by powerful men in the news recently, CNN News presented an excellent program on the tipping point in sexual assault and sexual harassment going on in America right now. The hour long program was moderated by Alisyn Camerota, and included Gretchen Carlson, the Fox News commentator who spoke out about the harrassment at Fox News that led to the firing of Roger Ailes.

The program involved other victims of sexual harassment, Anita Hill, Alyson Camerota and many others and their stories of abuse and denigration. The magnitude of our problems was impressive as indicated by the amount of news about powerful men like Henry Weinstein, Roger Ailes, Bill O’Reilly, recent charges of movie actors, Roy Moore, Bill Cosby, etc.

The courage and stories of the women and Tarana Burke of the “Me Too” movement were so impressive to me I recommend viewing the program too everyone. The pain and healing of women working together to support each other was so obvious to me and a beautiful picture I felt compelled to write.

With the abuse problems we have here in Alaska I suspect showing the program to our high school students might produce some very desirable results in our relationships and health.

Hugh R. Hays