Letter: Spay/Neuter fundraiser a success

Spay/Neuter fundraiser a success

Peninsula Spay/Neuter Fund thanks everyone who purchased something at our bake sale at Save-U-More last weekend, donated by way of our donation jar, stopped to thank us for what we are doing, or to thank us for helping them with their pet. Knowing the community supports us means so much and gives us the energy and drive to keep going, and going, and going — it energizes us!

An extra special thank you to Debbie Hill, Jacquie Graham, Peg Snyder, Jacque White, Barb Cameron and Amanda Motonaga for baking wonderful items to sell, to everyone at Save-U-More for providing a venue for our event and their unwavering support, and to the Peninsula Clarion for posting our announcement.


Judy Fandrei

Peninsula Spay/Neuter Fund