Letter: Fish board action doesn’t match words

Fish board action doesn’t match words

Regarding the Nov. 3 letter form the chairs of the Board of Fisheries and Board of Game, I wondered if it was April first? Something fishy about the words from the board of game and board of fish chairmen. I have heard of ah-ha moments, but Board of Fish Chairman Jensen must have had a ha-ha moment. There have been myriad subterfuges deployed by the fish board to detach and alienate the public from the process. This format too limited for the chronology, but most recently, calling Anchorage neutral and not meeting/deliberating in Soldotna for 20 years. If their letter was a lampoon, well done! Otherwise, in light of recent board of fish action to meet again in Anchorage, the plea to participate would appear insincere and implausible. I wonder who wrote this piece of? Public process is ever-changing and redefined.

John McCombs