Letter: Children, adults need love, security

Children, adults need love, security

There is no such thing as a normal life, there is just life. Some people have special needs, some are happy and in good health, others are not. I observe people all the time trying to learn people, their actions, moods, expressions tell a lot about a person.

Sometimes I smile to see a happy couple or a child that you know is happy, secure, loved. What a concept. Others, you can tell that they are not living in a positive environment. It’s sad. I pray for the lost, lonely, unhealthy and depressed that are caught in the mire and can’t find their way out. Some comes from upbringing, things that have happened to us all, affects us all. I grew up in a “Leave It to Beaver” family. I saw many of my friends who did not. One friend left home at the age of 14 or 15 and stole from homes to support himself. He had an older person that used him and was his front. I would not have wanted to live in the environment that he was brought up in either. He was desperate. It goes to the parents to be responsible and to be accountable for their children.

Special needs children and adults need love, security and a lot of patience from the person responsible for them. Got to have the heart. A lot of work, but rewarding. I know this first hand. It’s a God thing.

That’s my opinion.

Carlos Cody