Letter: Sometimes, the grass is greener

Sometimes, the grass is greener

Life is a journey. A friend once told me, “It’s a beach, just have to swim for it.” Made sense to me. Sometimes, I believe we all have to swim for it at times. It is really not that complicated unless we complicate it. Joe Dirt said, “It’s a garden, dig it.” Plant a seed and watch it grow. Smell the flowers, eat the produce we produce.

I miss the farmer’s markets and the flea markets in the south that had great produce. I spent $30 a week for fresh produce and had extra. Could taste a tomato, a dollar a pound.

Flea markets are in most places in the south. They grow yearly. One in a small town I lived in started out with tables set up, now they have several buildings and outside undercover tables. Take all day to really go through the place.

Atlanta was different. Faster paced, but a lot of work. I started my own business at 21. Grew. It beat welding in a sweat shop building, asphalt equipment and rebuilding concrete drums on trucks. I started out making the same pay as I made cooking and going to school.

Then I came to Alaska for a vacation, saw another society and stayed. Small town living with a few red lights versus the 5 lanes and traffic. I did not know what a concrete jungle I was living in. Sometimes grass is greener.

Carlos Cody