Letter: Abortion should be a crime

Abortion should be a crime

There has been much talk of late about crimes and violence in our state. There is a violent crime that too few are talking about, and against which even fewer are taking action. The truth is human abortion is a hate crime.

In our state we turn a blind eye to it. Today, and every day of the year, at least five innocent humans, created in the image of God, will be murdered, and the law in Alaska protects the murderers, and ignores the actual victims.

Human beings do not become less valuable simply because someone wants them dead.

We are endowed by our Creator with the right to life. We have that right based on the foundational truth that humans are created in God’s image. These truths are self-evident.

It is common knowledge, and true science confirms, that human life begins at fertilization. Whether that fertilization happens in a lab or in a Fallopian tube, that is precisely when humans begin their existence. It is when you began. At that point, many things were set. Your eye color, hair color, and many other attributes were set. You, were you.

If you’ve ever raised children, you know that human development is a long process. Teens are not fully developed, toddlers are not fully developed, and those younger and smaller than toddlers are just in earlier phases of their development.

If, every day, five toddlers were strapped to a table on the sidewalk of Lake Otis Parkway near 40th Street, and they were poisoned, dismembered, crushed to death and sucked through a hose, and the mothers who brought them there and strapped them down and those who assisted were given a free pass in the law, and the legislators, and the governor and the “protect and serve” police officers did absolutely nothing about it, what would we do? Would we walk or drive by and ignore it?

Jesus said that the law tells us that we are to love the Lord our God with all our heart, soul, and strength, and that the second-greatest commandment is to love our neighbor as ourselves. A man (wanting to justify himself) asked, “Who is my neighbor?” Jesus then told a story that we call The Good Samaritan. A man was beaten and left by the side of the road. Two different men saw him and walked on the other side of the road. Another man stopped and bandaged his wounds and transported him to a comfortable place to heal. Jesus asked, “Which one was a neighbor to the man?” Are we being a neighbor to the more than 1,500 preborn children who are being murdered every year in our state?

Representative David Eastman introduced house bill 250 known as The Alaska Life At Conception Act. This bill will abolish the great evil of human abortion in our state, and will treat the murder of preborn humans the same as the murder of born ones. Those of us who know the truth should rise up. There are many ways to support David and other legislators who will stand up with him. If your Representative and Senator are not already passionately driving this bill to passage and signature by the Governor, talk with them about it, face-to-face preferably. Call them often and demand that they abolish this great evil. Working to abolish human abortion is not a one-time event, or something that you send money to an organization to do for you, it is your individual responsibility. This evil is very entrenched in our society. It is not going away without an army of people determined to love of God, and love their neighbor. If you meet with other Christians, provoke them to love and good works. You have friends, enlist them. You have Facebook, use it wisely.

Rick Small