Letter: China as a partner raises concerns

China as a partner raises concerns

I read with interest Governor Walker’s marketing tool in the Dec. 3 Peninsula Clarion. (“Alaska and China sign historic joint development agreement.”) I wondered about those thousands of new jobs and steel production the gas pipeline will need. Our governor has told us these will be jobs for Alaskans. Is he sure? Perhaps he is the typical politician tickling our ears with hope all the while preparing for his political campaign next year. After all that’s how politicians work. Telling us what we want to hear and then we discover the truth after the politician’s re-election. And so it is with Governor Walker.

But let’s dig a little deeper in what we know about China’s one trillion dollars of infrastructure investment projects around the world. In those projects China supplies the manpower and material for the infrastructure they ultimately own. Look at how much they helped faltering Greece by building an improved port of entry for Europe. Much like faltering Alaska, China will finance the project, own it and control our resource called natural gas.

How about those workers building the projects. Will they make a union wage or near union wage? Will they even make a living wage? It is my belief all the hourly pay rates in our great nation reflect the history and strength of collective bargaining. Rebellious workers fought hard and forced new governmental laws protecting workers’ rights. Corporations and businesses fear union activities. Today’s pay and benefits reflect the fear from businesses and corporations of the Unions.

Unions do not get the credit they deserve in this nation.

But what about workers’ rights in China? A communist nation which owns and controls everything. Including the unions. For the workers do not have the choice to chose a union but must join the state controlled one.

How will that work out in Alaska? It is clear by looking at how China has built Infrastructure around the world. Slave labor pay and steel products manufactured in China. A true free market economy? Cheapest product for the cheapest price. All controlled by the Chinese government. Much like the products we import from China now.

Governor Walker understands he cannot control the mega oil corporations. They dictate policy to our state politicians. Big oil built and owns the infrastructure that delivers oil to market and we can do nothing about it. But somehow Governor Walker believes he can control the most powerful communist nation on the planet after their government owned businesses finance and build this new gas pipeline for faltering Alaska.

How in the world can we believe it. Are we that naive? Is there a better way?

Yes there is.

Ray Southwell