Letter: A simpler way to survive

A simpler way to survive

There are many ways to survive. A person can live on the streets, in a cardboard house, a tent, under bridges, living off whatever they can gather, pan-handling, getting food at food banks and soup kitchens. Others live off of old money and inheritances, or work for a living in all classes of society. Money is a means to survive. Others live in the wilderness off the land; some trade furs or miscellaneous things for things they need. Some trade labor for things they need. Some steal as a way of life. Others preach or help in third-world nations for a means to survive.

The most common way in this day and age is to work to have money to survive. The years have changed our means to survival. Cultures around the world have changed, but some remain basically the same as in years long past. Personally, I would have liked to have lived in the past in a time with a tribe, a group of people, working and sharing with one another for the good of the community, when food was plentiful, being able to hunt, fish, grow crops and using nature to build shelter — a simpler way of life.

Carlos Cody,