Letter: Former resident supports Hutchings

Former resident supports Hutchings

To my Alaska Friends:

I strongly urge you to vote for Linda Hutchings in the upcoming run-off elections for Kenai Peninsula Borough Mayor, October 16-October 24.

There are three important characteristics that unequivocally make Linda Hutchings the best choice; first, her sense of fairness, equality and kindness, second, her knowledge of local issues and where and how to implement solutions that actually work, and third her integrity and reputation.

I have known and worked side-by-side with Linda for over 20 years. Her principles and values are her strongest drivers; first and foremost, her family and her faith. She has lived on the KPB all her life and knows and has real experience through the ups and downs of the Alaska economy. She relates to others with a sense of fairness, and equality regardless their status in life or gender, and has an uncanny ability to bring diverse opinions and peoples together because she is a strong listener, full of kindness, grace, and generosity.

Linda Hutchings has real knowledge of local issues and is a strategic leader.

In fact, she was raised on a homestead in Soldotna in a hardworking family who were community leaders/servants. These were her role models and mentors that have prepared her for this leadership position. Linda and I served together on countless local, state and national campaigns. I observed Linda energize and organize people around issues that could impact their life as she delivered facts and information in a straightforward, honest, no frills style. I am still in awe of her massive network of people resources accumulated over years of volunteering her time. She can break through bureaucracies and knows how and when to use her resources effectively to get action.

Linda is a real leader who you will want to follow because her mission is not power, status, or control, but simply to make a real difference in the quality of life of others. She has an impeccable reputation and a high sense of integrity that sets her apart from other politicians. Linda spends countless hours researching facts and talking to people before she makes conclusions. She’s a quick study, smart and has a great sense of humor, definitely needed when things get rough inside the Assembly room or when issues divide the community. Linda is a powerful negotiator and has the stamina and skills to use them as needed to keep complex issues moving forward to resolution. She stands up for what is right regardless the numbers on one side or the other.

I’ll end by saying that I was compelled to write because the Kenai Peninsula Borough will always be my home, and I have a strong desire to see that the right leadership is in place to navigate through troubles and to seize growth opportunities at the right time. Linda Hutchings is the right candidate to make a real difference. Vote Linda Hutchings for Kenai Peninsula Mayor!


Sandra Ghormley

Baker City, Oregon