Kudos to crews

On Memorial Day weekend, Sunday, May 25, the Funny River Wildfire changed course and headed directly for the Kenai Keys Subdivision due to an unexpected wind change. With little warning, the fire was at our door step on the opposite side of the river. By the best of fortune, the fire did not cross the river into the community but only showered us with hot embers and ash. Instead, it continued upriver a half mile where it crossed the Kenai River at Torpedo Creek thereby putting the community of Kenai Keys in harm’s way again. Almost immediately, there were three water bomber aircraft and two water dispensing helicopters on scene. These aircraft attacked the fire for almost three hours while fire crews on the ground cut fire breaks to protect the community. The ground crews then moved upriver in force and within 24 hours had that section of the fire contained.  These crews continue to use our community as a staging area in continued fighting of the active fire and we welcome their presence. The community of Kenai Keys would like to sincerely thank the many firefighters and additional crews who worked so hard to save our community. Simple words cannot express our gratitude.

Thank you from all of the members of the Kenai River Keys Property Owners Association.