Campaign on the road to nowhere

Pulled that Ad? Don’t you just love campaign ads that backfire, and I really love the ones that grab an old familiar phrase like we just thought this one up. “Pretty soon (or was it sooner or later), Washington will figure out I don’t take no for an answer.” Did you also hear that old line some 20 years ago from both Senator Stevens and Don Young. I think the Begich camp stole that line just like he stole that job. Barely coming in on the shirttails of the public bleeding of our beloved “Uncle Ted.” All those perp walks and mass national media attention did the trick and publicly dirtied Uncle Ted just enough so Begich snuck by him in the polls. Do you also remember that line? Recent claims in campaign adds show the new Senator saying he put in a road and the oil will start flowing next year. What road? You mean the one without a bridge? I guess whoever is really running things in Washington failed to let the Begich camp know that the Democratic controlled EPA was going to stop that road after it was promised behind closed doors? Then to think we trusted him and hoped he would help open ANWR. He didn’t even get Alaska ANYTHING for his deciding vote on Obama care which wouldn’t have passed with “Uncle Ted” fighting it! I’ve heard that called a cheap date! Guess his puppet masters in media central let that small detail slide by scripting or screen play as to tarnish the credibility of such a statement. That’s a heck of a way to thank young Mark for his deciding vote that put Obamacare into law. Has anyone properly thanked him for trading our national health care system for a job? Don’t tell me his camp isn’t smart enough to know when he really has some very key cards to play and just how to get the most for Alaska from such key issues? Well they better figure some of that stuff out because Alaskan Voters have very clear memories of a great public servant who knew how to do our business. I just think it’s hilarious that some very valuable campaign funds have been spent on a road to nowhere, I just hope the campaign keeps going down that road to nowhere without a bridge.