Help from strangers ensures safe outcome

On the morning of June 8 while walking our dog along the path on Redoubt Ave. in Kenai, I had a close call with a mama moose. Unexpectedly, twin calves emerged from the woods on the opposite side of the road and sprinted past me in a full run. Within moments, their mother burst through the woods onto the path and made a beeline to my side of the road.

I made my way behind a tree, but the cow was agitated and I was her target — I was defenseless.

Gratefully, the staff of Nickel Chiropractic Clinic witnessed these events unfold and came outside their clinic to help me. There was also someone in a Subaru that stopped and used their car as a barrier from the moose; this allowed me to run across the road to safety. The moose again pursued me, but soon spotted her calves and left.

I was left panicked and shaken, but unharmed. The four individuals did not know me, but worked together to protect me. I do not know them by name, but I want to publicly thank them for caring enough to help a stranger in need. If they did not take the time to help, my story could have been much different.

I have known for a long time that Alaskans are special people. Today’s events just prove to me that, even though this place we call home has beauty beyond compare, it is the people who live among us that make living here truly enriching.

Thank you for providing me protection so I could return home to my family unharmed. May God bless each of you.