Borough should make more cuts before raising taxes

Here we go again. All of us our going through tough times with the decline of State oil revenue. We are cutting back and making do with what we have.

Mayor Navarre’s answer is to hit us again, with a tax increase. The answer is not to increase revenue, but to reduce the size of government. Here are some suggestions:

1) Reduce the number of Borough employees by 10%.

2) raising the sales tax limit to $1000 is a reasonable idea

3) charge a fee for dropping off your garbage at the landfill (the landfills are financed solely on the backs of property owners)

4) redefine the senior property tax exemption to include a minimum 10 yr residency requirement. Many seniors are relocating to the Borough for the tax savings. They receive free hunting/fishing licenses, permanent fund checks, and pay little to no property taxes. Those of us that have been paying property taxes for many years, should be the seniors that are rewarded for their continued support.