Gas found should be managed for benefit of the people

All this money being spent by CINGSA and the gang of four, Homer Electric, Municipal Light and Power, Chugach Electric and Enstar is all for naught. As CINGSA was given a drilling permit for the purpose of drilling a gas storage well, not a natural gas production well. As such all resources laying beneath the state’s surface belong to the people of the owner state. As the Eighth Amendment clearly states, “the resources of the state shall be managed for the maxium benefit of the people.” So if this group of opportunists, want the people’s gas let them pay the required royalty to the state, who will, in turn, place the state’s share into the general fund and into the permanent fund for inflation proofing. Anything short of that is clearly highway robbery. What are all these companies and lawyers doing involved in a settled matter, that being the gas belongs to the owner state, there is no question about that. I do not believe that CINGSA can produce a permit issued by the state of Alaska Department of Natural Resources that describes the drilling activity as for the production of natural gas per se.