ENSTAR reminds drivers to be cautious along Bridge Access

ENSTAR is currently working in the City of Kenai off Bridge Access Road to directly tie the natural gas storage facility into ENSTAR’s transmission lines. This will result in more efficient service and provide improved deliverability of natural gas to Southcentral. The pipe for the project has arrived and construction is now underway.

As you drive along Bridge Access Road, you will notice increased traffic and construction activity in the area. Please be advised that there are several truck crossings in this area where crews are working on either side of the road. Most of the trucks are entering and exiting Bridge Access at Beaver Loop Road and immediately east of Boat Launch Road. There is also a traffic build-up as curious drivers observe the project progress. We are advising Kenai Peninsula drivers to proceed through this area with caution, and not to stop or slow in the roadway unless required for safety purposes.

In the coming weeks, trenching will occur along the south and west side of Kalifonsky Beach Road. Expect to see trucks crossing the road in several locations in this area. We will cross several driveways and will be working with the lot owners to provide access during the work. All construction will be completed by June 2015. We will keep Kenai Peninsula residents updated on the project status through our Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/pages/ENSTAR-Natural-Gas-Company/167311653374151) and website (https://www.enstarnaturalgas.com/). You may also email us at community@enstarnaturalgas.com with specific questions regarding this project. Thank you for your patience as we work in this area.