Borough needs to bring roads up to its own standards

This letter is in response to the article in the March 11 edition of the Clarion by Kelly Sullivan. I agree with Road Service Area Director, Pat Malone, on one thing, he stated in the article that the KPB legally cannot maintain or revise private roads. However, many of the affected properties are on KPB roads which the KPB has a duty and responsibility to maintain.

Apparently Mayor Navarre and Road Service Director Pat Malone have never read section 14.06.170 of the KPB road standards. It states: Roads shall be constructed to prevent ponding of runoff waters in roadside ditches. Drainage ditches shall be constructed such that runoff waters will be conveyed to natural drainage courses, ditches or waterways, or other manmade drainage courses. … It does no good to put in culverts if they are not at the right depth and grade and the water has no place to go.

I find it quite ironic that while failing to bring existing KPB roadside ditches up to their own standards, the KPB using taxpayer money can build Widgeon Woods subdivision there for competing with private land developers. Then again, using taxpayer money, offer financing on those lots competing with local lending institutions.

I suspect that the next thing to happen instead of using taxpayers money to bring the ditches along KPB roads up to standards; they will be using taxpayers money to defend themselves from a class action lawsuit for failure to perform brought on by people in the community.