Business owners should have choice on smoking

This concerns the push by some legislators in Juneau to prohibit smoking in public places.

Obviously, there are strong opinions on both sides of the issue. I think an acceptable resolution almost everyone would agree with is a state statute that requires all establishments open to the public to post one of two signs at the entrances. One would say: This is a smoking establishment. The other would say: This is a Non-Smoking establishment.

This statute would allow the owner to make the decision on whether their business is smoking or non-smoking, which they can do now. It would also make those entering aware of the business policy. And, it gives the people looking for work who smoke an option.

I strongly believe fraternal and veterans’ organizations should be exempt because of the following: their policies are determined by boards of directors; decisions are made based upon the vote of the majority of the members; and mostly, they are typically not open to the public.

As a veteran and Alaska resident I question the rationality of taking away someone’s right to smoke in a private club when members of that club have voted to allow that right. Further, to do it to in all establishments because owners want to make their establishments non-smoking, but are afraid they will lose business if all others don’t, is asinine.