Silence over fish board nominees deafening

Regarding Robert Ruffner’s confirmation hearing (Peninsula Clarion, March 11): a simple truth, Sen. Stoltze and Sen. Wielechowski, both lawmakers, do not know the law. The statutes on board of fish appointees says absolutely nothing about designated seats, but call for appointees with knowledge, integrity, and a sense of duty, etc. 

The silence is deafening. Where is the lobbying, the outcry, the pushback, from Kenai River Sportfish Association? Have people forgotten how KRSA trashed Brent Johnson, Vince Webster, or just one year ago, Robert Ruffner? There are no assigned seats on the fishboard. All this is certainly indicative of a deal made, and a done deal. This is the first time I recall the silent treatment from KRSA. Very out of character. Ruffner and Cain have admitted their willingness to learn however at the same time telegraphed their bias in support of a so called conservation corridor. Payton is a Klubberton clone, all pro-personal use and anti-commercial fishing. 

In a time where the state budget is in the toilet there is $20,000,000 harvestable surplus of fish being wasted. Finally, one more simple truth, the board of fish is a rogue board that refuses to meet on the Kenai Peninsula or in particular to deliberate in Soldotna, the area of concern. Robert Mumford voted on this and was not even a confirmed board member. There are more issues but these are the timely ones. Save the Kenai king salmon. Ban hook-and-release where the once giant kings spawn.