Begich comments ‘out of touch’

The July 1 Clarion printed the comments by Rep. Don Young and Sen. Mark Begich on the U.S. Supreme Court’s Hobby Lobby decision. The Begich comment saying “bosses should not be able to prevent access to family planning and birth control is disingenuous and typical. From what I’ve read, Hobby Lobby offers in their employee health plan 16 different forms of birth control. The remaining four are in the “morning after” category, and it is those which they regard as a form of abortion and refuse to pay for.

Point two is, whatever happened to personal responsibility in this country? If a company offers you a wide range of birth control options and you choose not to take advantage of it, why should they be responsible for your irresponsible decisions?

Begich’s comment calling the Court’s decision “out of touch” was both laughable and disingenuous. Voting 97 percent of the time with an incompetent president and his scandal-ridden and corrupt administration is what I’d call “out of touch.”