K-Beach resident still waiting for answers

As the rain continues to fall, as the ditch levels continue to rise, and as increasing numbers of us continue to have problems with our septic systems … I am prompted to write letters, hoping for some results.

We were asked last fall to be patient with the Kenai Peninsula Borough as you conducted studies, gathered information, and came up with a plan for the flooding in the K-Beach area. We have never heard back from you … just as all of our recent phone calls have not been returned.

In the meantime, we see an expensive aesthetically pleasing bike path being installed along K-Beach. How is that helping local people who can’t flush their toilets, wash laundry, or who don’t dare to drink their well water?

There are open pit toilets being used. There are homes with gray water being routed out into the woods. There are people who do not have the means to relocate and who love their land/homes… who have trusted you as our city fathers to provide some answers.

Where are those answers? Even give us the “bad” ones; we just want to know that you haven’t stopped “doing something” since the Feds gave conciliatory help. It’s merely the end of June and we are already reaching saturation levels we didn’t have until September last year.