A vote for Bearup is a smart vote

Incumbent Mayor Navarre, who claims to be a representative of the Kenai Peninsula residents, is not. In order to find monetary support for his campaign, big money, he went to Anchorage, to the Democratic Party, for serious partisan money. Now if he is truly representative of the Kenai Peninsula, why does he need to do that? He is looking for the big Anchorage money of the Democratic Party not the local money. For anyone that is interested the information is readily available on the APOC website.

Secondly, the current mayor says this is a great place to raise our kids. He has no comprehension of the family struggles when children are having education issues at school. So let us not pretend that this mayor understands the challenges of raising a family on a budget.

The issues of property taxes, mortgage payments, utilities and college education for their children are very real considerations for the vast population of the Kenai Peninsula.

We do not need a career politician who has made politics his life, we need an individual that has lived as the rest of us with kids, budgets, upheaval of families.

There is a sizeable population of seniors that live on the Kenai Peninsula, and contribute vastly to the economy. We should not be threatening them with higher taxes and increased expenses. We need a fresh perspective.

The Kenai Peninsula needs an administration that is working with private property owners and business people; an administration that recognizes the invaluable contribution of senior citizens.

The Kenai Peninsula is not likely to get these things from the current mayor. We will get that with Tom Bearup. A family man who has raised a family, pays property taxes and is willing to make himself available to people like families, veterans seniors and business people who are struggling to deal with all the challenges of family, home and community life.