Begich the right choice for Alaska

I have a great idea.

Lets vote for the candidate who clearly states what fits your hopes for a democratic society. For instance, do you want an efficient decision- making process such as indicated by SB77? This bill was withdrawn after public outcry. It had advocated for the Commission to quickly and privately decide what Alaskan resources could be used and under what conditions. If having decisions made this way is your picture of democracy, Dan Sullivan is your man.

However Mark Begich practices fiscal transparency as indicated on his financial statements on the senate website and his refusal to accept the raise Senators so generously gave themselves. He not only encourages public forums, but also shows up for them. His picture of what Alaska wants and needs come from spending his life here working and listening to citizens all over the state. If your image of democracy includes public participation in major decision- making, Mark Begich should be your choice.

The choice is yours.