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Poet’s Corner: December

Poet’s Corner: December

December By Bonnie Marie Playle The time of year when it’s cold; But where’s the snow? Only God knows. Freezing rain makes ice that glistens; Studded tires grip the… Continue reading


Winter in Alaska By Bonnie Marie Playle Ground is white, what a sight, sure is cold, winter is harsh what a fright. Frost is beautiful… Continue reading


Poet’s Corner: A Winter’s Frost

A Winter’s Frost By Marty Myre As the town evolves and begins to slow Ground covered in leaves Sky producing; a winter’s glow Sun had its time —… Continue reading


Poet’s Corner: PFD — Wheeee!

PFD — Wheeee! By Hedy Huss Sixteen hundred bucks seemed so Big to me! Like a small fry with candy. And … sort of free. Throngs of shoppers… Continue reading

Poet’s Corner: Buddy Benches

Buddy Benches by Hedy Huss Lately, I heard of Virginia installing “buddy benches” on school playgrounds. on school playgrounds. do exist here in Soldotna! They’re… Continue reading

Poet’s corner: One-moon planet

One-moon Planet By Hedy Huss Planet Jupiter trumps all the rest. In numbers, it the best with 63 moons! So many moons … Their dozens… Continue reading

Poet’s Corner: The Last Rose of Summer

The Last Rose of Summer By Dave Thompson Kenai, Alaska The thunder rolls in tempo on this September day Signaling the Autumn as Summer fades… Continue reading

Poet’s Corner: Bittersweet

Bittersweet By Lori Lindsay, Soldotna I didn’t know my life could change, I didn’t know it needed to. But you were an unexpected miracle That… Continue reading