Letter to the editor: Children must be protected by adults

Children must be protected by adults

There are certain things accepted in the current culture that merit adult outcry for children. In other words, people need to make strong protests against things that victimize minors.

For example, have you heard about so called “sex education” classes in California where parents and or students are not allowed to opt out? I’m sure you have heard that transgenders have been granted liberty to make restroom choices in certain high schools and businesses, but did you hear about the man in a Target store who showed his private parts to a small girl in the ladies’ restroom?

Did you know sex trafficking is the fastest growing crime? What else is being promoted and normalized today that jeopardizes the lives of our children? Pedophilia is being normalized and phone sex games are becoming popular. When you add child abuse, abortions, meth homes, divorced and incarcerated parents, etc. you may clearly see that children are not only victims, but also the prey of this culture.

What are you doing about this? When you hear about these things, do you say to yourself, “Oh, that is too bad” then go on about your business? Yes, you may be inundated with bad news and you may easily become numb to it all. At the same time, who is going to do something to stop these childhood atrocities? Will you be one who will make an outcry for the violated children in this country?

For opportunities to make an outcry and or make a difference in the lives of sex trafficked children call 925-709-4453.

Lynn Rickert