Refuge notebook: March Madness – Alaska style

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Pioneer Potluck: St. Pat’s Day at 30 below, a long time ago

Pineapple cheesecake, jalapeno cornbread, cabbage and sausage, halibut with mushroom sauce

Life in the Pedestrian Lane: Perspective on an Alaskan winter

The inches accumulated a little at a time are easily removed.

Minister’s Message: Childlikeness vs. Childishness

In childhood we must possess a quality that we can lose as we age

© Marvel Studios
Larson holds her own in a fun, action-packed ‘Captain Marvel’

It’s very typical Marvel 4-quadrant entertainment — designed to be unchallenging and escapist

Pioneer Potluck: My trip with Bernie to Denver and about being Irish

This week’s recipes include pineapple pie, sausage gravy and potato dumplings

Not just another Harry Potter knockoff

‘Mary and the Witch’s Flower’ brings a fresh take on a familiar narrative

Ann “Grannie Annie” Berg
Pioneer Potluck: About the cure for the cough and cold

This week’s recipes include Grannie Annie’s chili, Hot German potato salad and Chinese chicken salad

Minister’s Message: Faith is more than a leap

Climbing up a bedroom structure almost three times his height, my three-and-half-year-old… Continue reading

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