Why is government in the marriage business?

The Clarion has jumped on the bandwagon on another divisive question. Gay Marriage. And once again there are only two choices. For or against.

How I feel about gay marriage has nothing to do with what I think government should be doing. But Americans refuse to ask honest questions about most social/moral issues. Abortion, Capital Punishment and Gay marriage. For or against are the only choices. No honest questions.

My fellow Christian friends believe that I must support marriage as defined by government. One man and one woman. After all, it is a moral issue, isn’t it? What will government decide is the next moral issue, gluttony? No more super-sized meals. How about government taking my assault weapon? After all some believe gun control is a moral issue.

My religious belief is just that, my belief. I do not want to impose my moral standard on others. So how about an honest question, Clarion: Why is government in the marriage business?

Thoreau said it best: “Government is best which governs not at all.”

That brings up another honest question that falls on deaf ears and blind eyes. What is the purpose of government? It certainly not about moral issues based on their past performance.