Walker will solve issues vital to Alaska

The opposition against Bill Walker for Governor are telling some huge fish stories about him train wrecking the Alaska LNG project to Nikiski. Nothing could be further from the truth. Walker, like a good quarterback, will bring the project to completion. He knows delays and stalls will let the competition steal the game from us.

Instate energy, roads to resources, the budget shortfalls, the fishing wars, along with the confusion he had for four years about taking a gas line through Canada, or a LNG project to tide water, shows, Parnell stays in study hall.

His not investigating the National Guard scandal for four long years shows his complete inability to act. Above all else, Parnell stays with secrecy behind closed doors.

AGDC, Alaska’s Gasline Development Corp., founded by Rep. Chenault is now completely under the Alaska LNG project, complete with an Exxon man on our board. That is the fox guarding the henhouse, and don’t ask any questions, they won’t tell any lies.

The vital issues which have not been solved in the last six years, and the Alaska LNG project to Nikiski are far too important to entrust Parnell with.

Vote for Bill Walker, and ladies and gentlemen start your engines.