Walker, Fleener a good team for Alaska

I believe Alaska needs a governor with the capability to make things happen, someone who will work tirelessly to boost our fiscal security. We need someone with the background and expertise to change our current path. I want a governor who will lead us toward innovative ideas, that will reverse the downward course this state is headed. I want a governor with integrity and decency, someone who understands the value that Alaska’s first people bring to the table. I want a governor who brings honor to the office of The Governor of Alaska.

For me, the only candidate who is willing to meet my high standards is Bill Walker. Bill’s running mate, Craig Fleener, is another reason why Bill has earned my vote. I’ve worked alongside Craig for nearly 20 years and I am a firsthand witness to his character, intelligence, and values. Bill and Craig are a perfectly matched team and together they offer the best option for us as Alaskans.

Bill is not beholden to the special interests that fuel his party. As an Independent candidate for Governor he doesn’t have big business steering his campaign. Bill is someone with the capability to design, implement, and enact a way out of today’s fiscal free-fall. I see Bill challenging the system, showing up with solutions, offering himself to be held accountable, and providing answers that are real and bold. Bill stands ready to build a future of success for Alaska; a future that holds promise for our children.

For me, most politicians are uninspiring. I feel as though, on any number of subjects, I can predict what a Democratic or Republican politician’s position will be based on whether they have a “D” or an “R” next to their name. In my opinion, Republican Sean Parnell has and will continue to fail us by allowing the oil companies to run this state and while I think Democrat Byron Mallott is a good man I know he is not equipped to dig us out of the trench Sean has dug for us. Please join me in voting Walker/Fleener on November 4th.