Upcoming election about the future, not today

November 8th is coming. Too quick for any truth to come out. So what do I do?

I start by looking at my beliefs.

First, this Election is not about Today. This is election is not about Yesterday. This election is about the future. Future of our Country, Future of our Families, Future of our Kids. Second, I do not think we are better off as a country now than 8 years ago, or 16, or even 24 years ago, that some would believe. Third, I believe Government is corrupt, over bearing, and controlling. The people who represent us seem only to what to do what gets them elected and continuing their inflated self-legislated standard of living and benefits at our expense while attempting to control our daily lives. Fourth, The press is no longer the independent, news reporting agencies we, as voters need. I feel they are all biased and opinion pushing. Fifth, This may be the last time in our history we have an opportunity to change it. And it cannot be changed by electing persons who represent more of the same.

Therefore, I am ignoring the candidates’ words & media opinions and instead praying for a new direction and appropriate action. Therefore, I will be voting for Donald Trump for President as I seen NO chance of anything other than more of the same with Hillary Clinton and realistically these are our only, albeit poor choices.

P.S. I’m also not voting for my existing US Senator, US House member or any other sitting elected official that has been part of the continuation of this fiasco.