Time to reject notion that schools are failing

When the elected haters of public education talk about our failed education system here in Alaska, they are talking about the schools your children attend, your friends and neighbors who teach your children, and they are talking about your children.

Judging from the barrage of proposed legislation designed to “fix” our schools, you could almost be forgiven for thinking things are as bad as the haters claim. Their list is long: tenure, funding, charter schools, test scores, the teacher retirement system, curriculum, standards, the common core, accountability, the need for posting grades in big letters on the sides of school buildings, diverting public monies to private schools. Throw enough stuff and something will surely stick.

The next time you celebrate your school’s state championship, remind yourself of what a pathetic failure your school is. After the next band and choir concert be sure to let your child know her performance was at the hands of an inept, overpaid teacher. Come scholarship night, pretend your school had nothing to do with the thousands of dollars awarded to the graduates of your school.

It is time to reject the lie that our schools are failing. They are not. They are working hard under often adverse conditions. They are not perfect, but show me an institution, company, or family that is. People who care grapple with the challenges and move forward. They build, they don’t tear things down.

There is no shortage of people who despise public education, many of whom serve in the legislature. These haters of education will never be satisfied until their goal of dismantling and destroying public education is realized. They cannot be reasoned with or placated.

If you are proud to support your schools, then vote out those who wish to destroy it.